10 strange Justin Bieber’s Products – 3

4. Justin Bieber Dental Floss [$2.99] Justin Bieber Dental Floss

Justin Bieber flossing is a must to keep your smile looking great Bieber. It contains 55 yards of mint flavored waxed dental floss, the style of the sensational young star, Justin Bieber.
It would be useful not only eat all you ice cream if Justin Bieber were worried about their teeth, but if you ate all the ice cream then thank God that developed this product. Justin Bieber thread has saved you. Who knows how floss is styled after Justin Bieber, but it is what
happening what is happening in your mouth.
3. Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush [$14.95] Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

Two buttons, a button for when you wake in the morning and one before going to bed.

For Justin Bieber in his mouth, then this is a must have.

2. Justin Bieber Touchable Body Lotion [$25] Justin Bieber Touchable Body Lotion

Playful, suggestive, flirty and fresh but nothing more than ordinary, the bottle comes with a removable charm, crystal heart Justin. What better way to bring the heart on your sleeve? Top notes, mandarin, pear Juicy berries, wild, middle notes, Jasmine, Floral, creamy base notes, musk, vanilla, soft.
Apparently, “just normal” is good and dry skin lotion is flirtatious. It must be like to have Justin Bieber everywhere. There seems to be a warning on the back of the bottle to not over do it, just put a light covering of Justin Bieber on the places that need it, lotion should not go anywhere.
1. Bieber Fever Dog Shirt [$17.99] Justin Bieber Dog Shirt

When you’re walking down the street with his pug who is struggling for breath in his arms there is nothing more important than fashion for dogs that screams the fever Bieber. This delightful dog sweater that everyone knows you and your four-legged friend is Justin Biebers fan # 1.

Justin Bieber Dog Clothes!

10 strange Justin Bieber’s Products – 2

7. Justin Bieber Christmas Stocking [$25] Justin Bieber Stocking

There is evidence that Santa Claus to give more away if half of Justin Bieber is there to greet him.
6.Justin Bieber SOMEDAY Perfume [$78.50] Justin Bieber Perfume

Someday Justin Bieber is a perfume, a fragrance full of energy, passion and confidence that leads him to the top of the charts. It is a personal gift straight from his heart, a smell that takes wild and makes the girls who dress completely irresistible. So go beyond the music and the journey into a world of possibilities in the world of Justin Bieber.
This appears to be Justin Bieber bottled according to the description, this scent powers Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is. In the low low price of $ 78.50 is a clear need for people who want to smell and travel in a world of possibilities, which is very specific. Maybe you will become Justin Bieber, if you buy this perfume is not clear.

10 strange Justin Bieber’s Products

10. Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever [$13.50]

Justin Bieber Biography

You do not have a biography and never, how you feel? Justin Bieber ghost writer will tell you many things about living longer, fuller and richer in this biography Justin Bieber incredible. Do not let the page number 240 not worry, there are pictures.
9. Justin Bieber Pinata [$19.99] Justin Bieber Pinata

This wonderful product was designed for everyone, you can love Justin Bieber or hate him, but both can have fun hitting with a bat. A must have for people … for people who love to sweet Justin Bieber. Some people could only buy $ 20 of candy and piñata skip the expensive, but they are losing … something.
8. Justin Bieber Squiggly Straws [$2.99] Justin Bieber  Squiggly Straws

If you love watching Justin Bieber Justin Bieber or looks at you while you drink then this is for you.Features include purple and more than two bends in the straw!


5 Weirdest Green Products – 2

3. Wooden Bike

Wooden Bike

This is an invention of a student 16 years old, tall, Marco Facciola. At least, not encourage creativity no age discrimination. Marco Facciola built the whole bicycle using only wood and glue while working on a non-academic “personal project” to meet the needs of the school. I know, everyone wants to know, how it feels to ride the bike? (more…)

5 Weirdest Green Products

Written by: Sarfaraz Nasir

Green is red hot and in style these days. Rich and famous are finding ways to showcase their exclusive possession by the unusual use of biodegradable products. The growing popularity of green living has helped the creativity to find its way into the green world. Companies around the world are competing to get products that are environmentally friendly and unique. In this pursuit, strange and interesting products are being developed.

A Taiwanese company has reportedly begun the manufacture of tableware wheat, effectively allowing you to eat your plate after you finish your meal. Most people have seen this story as a joke. My research to date on edible dishes not found such products (but again, I’m not that creative). Anyway, I found some other rare and interesting green products that have caught the eye around the world.

These are the strangest 5 green products:

1. BMW Lovos 260 – The Scaly Beast